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Our board is comprised of a diverse group of individuals who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our organization. They are dedicated to guiding and supporting the mission and vision of our organization to ensure its continued success.

Judge Fredrick H. Bates is Chairperson of the RYC Board of Directors and Chairs of the Board’s Governance and Human Resources Committees. Professionally... [Read More]

Donald Higgins is a Member of the RYC Board (CNI). He has more than 12 years of experience in the banking and real estate development field. At CNI, Donald... [Read More]

Patrick Watson is the RYC Treasurer and an ex officio member of the Finance Committee per the RYC By-Laws (Art. IV, Sect. 1). He is a Staff Aide with the... [Read More]

Julian Green is a member of the RYC Board of Directors. He is the 2nd Vice President of Communications and Community Affairs at Chicago Cubs responsible for... [Read More]

Mitchell Hannah is a member of the RYC Board of Directors and serves on the Board’s Finance Committee. He has been a Bus Operator at Chicago Transit Authority for... [Read More]

Vanessa Brown is the Board Secretary for RYC, and serves on the Governance and Human Resources Committees. She is the RYC designated Board Representative... [Read More]

Rick Bolin is President of Roseland Little League an affiliated organization under the RYC Board, and an RYC Board Member. He is a father of 3 children ages 14... [Read More]

Vic Alexander is a member of the Board’s Governance Committee. He is employed as an Information Technology Professional-User Services Support Manager at Chicago... [Read More]

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